Ben and John are two gamers and long-term friends living a thousand miles apart who love to share their passion (and opinions) about gaming. After running the Connecting to Host - Co-op and Multiplayer Gaming Podcast about co-operative and multiplayer gaming, we decided to branch out with a YouTube show and our own website.

Shy Guys Network

Connecting to Host

A podcast focussed entirely on co-operative and multiplayer gaming. We tend to review a different co-op or multiplayer game each show - ranging from small Indie titles in Early Access to AAA releases on PC or console. We also occassionally do special episodes on random topics related to our subject.

Shy Guys YouTube Channel

A bite-sized game streaming channel where we release a 15-20 minute episode every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. In each episode, one of the two hosts (typically John) plays a game while both of us comment with our experiences and opinions of the game. As software developers and geeks, expect some nerding out about the tech as well as other tech news.

Shy Guys Website

The very website you are currently looking at! Here we write reviews for games we’ve played and post a Weekly News Summary which aims to highlight the most interesting gaming news from the week in a concise manner.

The Hosts

John Wordsworth

John is a game developer working for Paradox Interactive in Stockholm, Sweden. As Engine Team Lead and a Senior Programmer, he works primarily works on the Clausewitz Engine that powers the Paradox Development Studio Grand-Strategy games such as Stellaris, Hearts of Iron IV and Europa Universalis IV.

In his spare time he enjoys playing games of all kinds - from PC and Console games to board games and even the odd table-top RPG. Outside of this John enjoys programming / hardware hacking on hobby projects, travelling to obscure places like Longyearbyen, and cycling.

Ben Dodson

Ben is a freelance mobile app and game developer based in the UK. He found his love of games with Sonic the Hedgehog on the Mega Drive back in 1991 after a brief period where he thought it was a 'Samurai Pizza Cats' game. Since then, he's played all kinds of console and PC games as well as building a few on iOS.

Nowadays you'll find him dabbling with indie games and grand fantasy RPGs on his ultra-wide monitor or, more likely, missing the ball in Rocket League. Ben doesn't have a favourite genre, but he'll argue with you at length that Snowboard Kids is better than Mario Kart...