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July 2018

  • Shy Guys Weekly #1831 News including Fallout 76 beta, Nickelodeon Kart Racers, Forsaken remake, The Darkside Detective, Vampyr, Stream Deck Mini, Rocket League loot box odds, Forza ditching microtransactions, and real life Fortnite.
  • Shy Guys Weekly #1830 News including Two Point Hospital, Kingdom Rush Vengeance, The Walking Dead VR, No Man's Sky NEXT, GTA Online After Hours, Jurassic World Evolution, upcoming Xbox hardware announcement, and the absurdity of App Store search.
  • Shy Guys Weekly #1829 News including Gungeons & Draguns, Titanfall Online, Darksburg, Splitgate: Arena Warfare, Modern Air Combat, Resident Evil 4 HD, a calculator in Rollercaster Tycoon 2, and how to be a complete bastard in VR.
  • Birds of a feather defend in court together
    Ben plunges into the murky anthropomorphic depths of 1840s revolutionary France in this pun-filled lawyering game.
  • Shy Guys Weekly #1828 News including This Land Is My Land, Warframe, Far Cry 5, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Rumours around the GTX 1180, a disgusting blue curry, and Skyrim on an expensive toilet.
  • Connecting to Host #44: Shift Happens Bismo and Plom were forever connected by a scientific accident and so Ben and John step in and take control to help these two jelly creatures navigate through this platform puzzler.
  • Shy Guys Weekly #1827 News including Ultimate Custom Night, Toejam & Earl, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with Labo, Spider-Man, Sony vs cross platform gaming, platform-wide modding on Xbox, and The Adventures of Dirty Barry.