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November 2018

  • Shy Guys Weekly #1848 News including Oakwood, This is the Police, Chuchel, Mini Metro, Black Mesa, Enter the Gungeon, Civilization VI, Steet Fighter V, RTX 2060, and an AR tattoo!
  • Shy Guys Weekly #1847 News including Sunset Overdrive, ABZÛ, Tesla vs Lovecraft, Command & Conquer 4K, Star Wars Episode I: Racer, Planet Coaster thememakers toolkit, and the Golden Joystick Awards.
  • Shy Guys Weekly #1846 News including The Secrets of Dr Wu, Dead Cells, Assassins's Creed Odyssey, Valve's VR headset, Prima Games shutdown, all the annnouncements at XO18, and $45 PUBG Suicide Squad skins...
  • Shy Guys Weekly #1845 News including Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Command & Conquer Rivals, Diablo: Immortal, Team Sonic 3 Racing, Grim Fandango, Warcraft 3, Sunset Overdrive, Project Atlas, and a Spyro drone for Snoop Dogg.