I’m pleased to announce that v1.3 of my LEGO Dimensions tracking app Vortech has been released adding full support for the recently released Wave 8:

Wave 8 consists of:

  • Chase McCain (LEGO City): To coincide with the re-release of LEGO City on Switch, Xbox One, and PS4, this character has the ability to switch outfits giving him a massive 17 abilities such as drilling, flying, hacking, hazard cleaning, relic detection, tracking, water spraying, and more!
  • Hermione Granger (Harry Potter): Has two completely new abilities; Riddikulus and Wingardiam Leviosa in addition to several other spells that provide abilities such as illumination, laser deflection, and water spray. She also has the ability to apparate and use intelligence access points. .
  • Sloth (Goonies): Similar to Abby Yates, The Doctor, and B.A. Baracus, Sloth has the ability to character change to any of the Goonies giving him a large number of abilities such as dig, dive, grapple, laser deflection, sonar smash, and tracking. He also has access to the unique “truffle shuffle”…

Whilst there are still two waves left in this cycle, the future of LEGO Dimensions has been cast in doubt from various reports that LEGO are planning to ditch it. Should they go ahead with further waves then I’m planning on adding some significant updates including the ability to view vehicles and their various constructs.

If you enjoy the app, please leave a review on the App Store. If you notice any errors or have suggestions for new features, please get in touch.