As you take your journey throughout your time on this planet, you will come across an assorted gloop of people with varying personalities and so on. Sometimes however, you will cross paths with a person that stands out amongst all of the humdrum voices of your peers who, for whatever reason, seems much more than just a bag of meat and bones that make a noise (usually more often than you’d like).

ThePunisherBoe is not just a face, nor is he just some text in your twitch chat. Boe is an experience. An everyday hero whose deeds generally go unnoticed because they lack the flare and dramatic spectacle that we’re accustomed too. Nonetheless, these deeds create just as much of an impact on those that have had the opportunity to be a part of these experiences, regardless of whether they notice it or not, but that does not stop an individual with true virtuousity. I cannot explain in the meager words availabe to me from my vocabulary to truly explain, and help you understand this. Instead, I will show you…

Below I have comprised some highlights and moments during the period that I have known Boe that I believe you shall appreciate and enjoy and hopefully help you understand that Boe is much more than meets the eye.

1. Even great people are victims to the tragic RNG that our life encumbers us with.

This was I believe the first ever clip I created on Twitch, and thusly of Boe. An unfortunate event that displays a range of emotions and has become a fan favorite since its creation. He was attempting to beat a personal best record, speed-running his favorite game of all time - Resident Evil 2. Unfortunately he misjudged the powerful attacks of his adversary, William Birkin.

2. A skilled moment of nirvana

Emotions are a strange, mysterious thing. We rarely understand them or merely feed off them. Imagine then what level you would need to be to experience every single human emotion all at once. Could you handle it? I doubt that. Our guts would internally combust and we’d be twitching on the floor with something that resembled milk leaked out of your mouth. This here is what happens when an individual can contain all the emotions the brain can muster in one fleeting beautiful moment accompanied by an infectious laugh.

3. It’s okay to be afraid

A short but sweet fluttering of fear strikes the heart of Boe, only to be soothed by the joy of his own folly at being scared by a chair that unbeknownst to him was even there. You have to remind yourself that life is full of surprises even within the most mundane of settings.

4. Can you that?

Communicating is a difficult skill even though it may seem extremely simple. We use words to express ourselves and ask questions; who we are, how we feel, what we want. Yet words themselves don’t let those listening to them experience the reality in which we are experiencing. To explain this philosophy, Boe shows you that even if you were angrily complaining to a random object in your room that can not respond at all, it sometimes doesn’t matter.

5. A traditional jumpscare

Jumpscares are a dime-a-dozen these days. Folks literally make a living from being scared by the antics videogames like to pull on its players. So much so, that developer’s senses are tingling for that sweet cash-cow and ‘horror’ video games are literally being made for the sake of jumpscaring whilst these youtube and twitch-gamers are jumping onto the bandwagon to gain fame and make that easy buck by being so ungeniune to the point of ultimate cringe. This is not the case here however. What you see is natural. What you see is fun. What you see is a genuine moment of exhiliration that has brung laughter to many people.

I hope those who have not seen these enjoy them, and I hope that those that have already seen them still find the enjoyment that I do from watching them. Without Boe I would have never of met all the great people that I have during my time as a twitch streamer nor I believe found the motivation to keep it up after the countless streams I’ve had alone and viewerless. This article is to thank Boe for his support and for just simply being Boe.

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