It’s a safe statement to say that all human beings are people, but just because you are one does not mean you haven’t let slip what makes us such an interesting, confusing and fascinating species; humanity. Being genuine is something of a philosophical debate because essentially even when someone is being fake they are still in essence being who they are which would make them genuine. However, this feeling of a forced personality is something we find slightly disgusting yet it is difficult to find a human being that has not let this idea of needing to act in a specific way poison their soul. This is a case in which that kind of dishonesty of the soul is simply not present. I’m going to talk about and let you glimpse into another favorite person of mine; Empy.

Empy is someone who is, I believe, completely in touch with their soul meaning he is completely at peace with what a lot of us try to avoid and pretend doesn’t exist; our side of irreducable rascality. All of us, every human that has existed, exists, and can possibly exist will always have a side of them that is a bit of a rebel; a joker; a prankster; a fool. The issue with most of us is we fail to admit we have it or you might see people ‘brag’ in some nonchalant way about being an asshole or a dickhead; when this is just another way for them to avoid who they really are, ‘tis but a scapegoat. Empy is not this, he is completely aware of this, and as a result watching his streams and talking to him is a refreshing experience that has personally inspired me to be more self-aware with my own nature. You may not enjoy his sometimes sarcastically crass, deadpan sense of humor, his innocent child-like antics, or his almost uncontrollable rage, but by doing this you are not willing to identify that every one of us has an Empy inside them. Due to his being in touch with his true-self, he is at ease with being laughed at just as easily as he is able to laugh with you, the latter being something that happens often when in his company. A great man, a great human being, and a pleasure to know.

Below I have compiled a few of my specially hand-selected clips that I believe will show you - in all honesty - what is in you, me, and everyone you could ever meet.

1. Bodily functions

We all have them yet are completely dishonest about how they effect us and how we feel during the process of being at the whim of an unfortunate sickness that renders our bowel movements completely spontaneous to the point of fear. The one thing I love about Empy is his ability to say how we all truly feel. This isn’t something people do enough of and it makes us feel disconnected with one another. Lesson 1 from Empy: Speak your mind, elegantly.

2. A controversial opinion

This, I have to admit fully, was of my own doing. I started to realize I could manipulate the creation of clips and make it seem like people have said things that they actually didn’t by doing something as simple as omitting a few words. This clip became a favorite amongst Empy’s fans with good reason; it was well crafted by my own hands. However, I cannot give myself credit for any of this because I knew Empy would get a laugh out of it and I knew he wouldn’t care what some fools may think if they watched it. A clip such as this only exists because of the type of good human being Empy is:

3. Everyone like me!

Everyone who enjoys the existence of Empy knows his love for that almost-unspoken C word that can strike fear in the hearts of some people. Empy and, I must admit, myself (and maybe that’s why we seem to have bonded) take a very liberal approach to the use of this word simply because it’s a word that feels good to roll off the tongue. It has Bass. It has UMPH! And Empy enjoys this so he uses it to his advantage and in this case is a perfect example for when this diabolical word is used to perfection. There is something endearing about watching him fail; we all do it and if we are honest with ourselves we all completely despise it yet we refrain from letting people know how we feel. Empy has no reason to feel this way - he acts how he acts simply because he is Empy; it would be the equivalent of asking a dog why it barks.

WARNING: This clip contains some colourful language

4. No shame.

Why must we be disgusted by something as natural as the various amounts of scent that seep from our own pores? Empy doesn’t believe we should be at all; instead he takes the approach that (like everything else about who you are) you should be able to laugh at it. It may seem childish or silly, and I am inclined to agree, but I don’t see these terms as a way to put-down folks as they are often used. A child is innocent, carefree and above all honest. You lose this child-like wonder and curiousity as you grow old, bitter, and jealous. Silliness is just God’s reason for creating the entirety of existence; for fun. So, for a person to believe they are below this sort of humor they must think extremely high of themselves! Empy never fails to get a laugh out of me in some way, and for that I thank him.

5. Technique

Once you become a Master of Zen, you see life a lot differently than most do. You enjoy and appreciate the smaller things in life and care not for the ridiculously try-hard nature of our current social climate. It’s unneccessary. However, you still sympathize with those that cannot climb out of such a deep, dark pit and even realize some don’t know they’re in one. You therefore seek out to cure those of such an affliction and although it may go unnoticed (your true intentions to free the souls of your beloved and your methods seem odd) it ultimately brings peace to the unaware and the blind. In just a few simple movements, Empy is able to let you see - just a glimpse - of the Nirvana that awaits you.

I could honestly link you to every clip that Empy has had to suffer through by the folks amongst our social circle. Quantity, in the case of Empy clips, has its own quality. Empy’s stream has something special to it that I believe is only influenced by the enigma that is Empy. Like a song you can’t help but dance too. From sincere, interesting discussions to mindless, ridiculous shit-talking can happen within a split second. I believe that all who enter Empy’s stream find a home there, away from the insufferably, gargantuan amount of streamers and individuals trying to sell themselves that can be all too overwhelming especially for someone who is a streamer themselves and/or trying to find a new way to socialize and make friends. Empy’s stream is a place to be if you want to have a good time and meet great people and I hope he continues to stream and be a shining, gleaming, beautiful pillar amongst our community.

Please check out his channel and join in the silly antics at