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  • Connecting to Host #44: Shift Happens Bismo and Plom were forever connected by a scientific accident and so Ben and John step in and take control to help these two jelly creatures navigate through this platform puzzler.

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April 2018

  • Connecting to Host #40: Sea of Thieves John and Ben grab their grog, take to the high seas and try their hands at a pirate life full of fighting, plundering and treasure hunting in Sea of Fetch Quests, aka, Sea of Thieves....

March 2018

  • Connecting to Host #39: Versus Squad We prepare ourselves for the inevitable zombie-ridden apocalyptic future by honing our skills in this dual-stick shooter featuring hundreds of zombies and base-building action.
  • Connecting to Host #38: Necropolis We like our dungeons twisted, winding and mysterious. As Dark Souls was too scary for Ben, John decided that we should try Necropolis instead to get our fix of brutal and hard-core combat while exploring...

February 2018

  • Connecting to Host #37: We Were Here Too Lost in the frozen arctic, Lord John and Peasant Ben stumbled across a medieval castle. Upon entering, the two split up and must try to escape using just their walkie-talkies and joint puzzle solving skills....
  • Connecting to Host #36: Moon Hunters Just like most weekends, John and Ben don their druid robes and witches garb to explore the mystical, Mesopotamian-inspired world of Moon Hunters.

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October 2017

  • Connecting to Host #28: Cuphead It's a good day for a swell battle and with traditional hand-drawn cel animation and an original jazz soundtrack, Cuphead has turned out to be pretty swell as well.
  • Connecting to Host #27: Elite Dangerous John and Ben hop into their Sidewinders and make their way through a tiny fraction of the 400 billion star systems that make up the huge world of Elite Dangerous.

September 2017

  • Connecting to Host #26: Star Wars: Battlefront Similar to how the Imperial Blizzard Forces descended upon Hoth, Star Wars: Battlefront 2 will soon be overrunning our hard drives, so we decided to revisit the Multiplayer FPS Star Wars: Battlefront from 2015 in...
  • Connecting to Host #25: Rocket League Holy Cow! John and Ben have finally peeled their fingers away from their Xbox One controllers long enough to go for it and bring you their round-up of Rocket League.

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