• Overall Score
  • Ben's Score: 5/5
  • John's Score: 5/5
  • Time Played (Ben): 328.7 Hours
  • Time Played (John): 250.6 Hours
  • Owned by John and Ben

Ben says: "Hands down the best first person shooter I've ever played and probably the main reason that this website exists. Whilst I probably see it through nostalgia goggles now, this game will always be incredibly special to me. Give the sequal a try as it is unlikely anybody is playing this anymore (and the single player is not single player) but know that you are missing out!"

John says: "While the sequel is arguably better mechanically (and actually has a real campaign) the original Titanfall is one of the most under-rated MP shooters of all time. Titanfall added so much to the genre and was particularly fun for players of all skill levels with wall-running, AI bots to murder and moments of bad-assery as your titan drops in."

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