Connecting to Host #45: Viscera Cleanup Detail

The latest episode of Connecting to Host is now available: Viscera Cleanup Detail.

In Viscera Cleanup Detail you take on the role of the mighty janitor. Armed with little more than a mop, a bucket and a trusty boom-box - your task is to clean up after various horrific sci-fi horror events. Viscera Cleanup Detail is a first-person experience which sees you trying to mop up blood, pick up trash and incinerate body parts and you can play all stages in the game solo or co-operatively.

In this episode we review Viscera Cleanup Detail from an online co-operative perspective. You can pick up this title for download on Steam for €12.99, although it’s been out for a few years now so you will often find it on sale too. VCD supports split-screen local co-op and when you play online you can share a game with up to 31 other players.

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