Ben and John are two gamers and long-term friends living a thousand miles apart who love to share their passion (and opinions) about gaming. After running the Connecting to Host - Co-op and Multiplayer Gaming Podcast about co-operative and multiplayer gaming, we decided to branch out with a YouTube show and our own website.

Our Shows

Shy Guys on Twitch

Every Wednesday night we Twitch stream our ever diminishing ability to play Rocket League as we make our way towards the lofty heights of the Styrofoam ranks. We also stream a variety of other gaming content, with a particular focus on games we can play together in co-op.

Shy Guys on YouTube

A variety YouTube channel where we primarily release Let's Play videos from recent and classic games. We also do special features and are currently taking a look at popular mods in compatible games as well as putting together some tutorials on how to build your own mods in your spare time.

Connecting to Host

A podcast focussed entirely on co-operative and multiplayer gaming. We tend to review a different co-op or multiplayer game each show - ranging from small Indie titles in Early Access to AAA releases on PC or console. We also occassionally do special episodes on random topics related to our subject.