Game Releases

Notable game releases this week include:

21st August

  • Guacamelee 2 (PC, PS4)
  • Shenmue I & II (PC, Xbox One, PS4)

23rd August

  • 7 Billion Humans (PC)

24th August

  • F1 2018 (PC, Xbox One, PS4)
  • Little Dragons Cafe (Switch, PS4)

Release Date Announcements


  • Dark Souls Remastered (19th Oct: Switch) [link]

Upcoming Games

Devolver Digital has announced that SCUM, its insanely detailed multiplayer survival game, will be available in Steam early access from 29th August. Developed by Gamempires and Croteam, SCUM contains complex simulation systems such as fabric wetness that affect your ability to move and an absurdly detailed skill tree with players able to pass on their learned knowledge to others to encourage team work. [link]

Patrick Stewart will narrate My Memory Us, a Polish-made platforming game about a friendship between a boy and a girl that contains Holocaust undertones. [link]

Chucklefish has unveiled story-driven puzzle platformer Inmost. Developed by Lithuanian studio Hidden Layer Games, Inmost follows three playable characters that share one “dark, interconnecting story”. It is expected to launch in 2019 but so far platforms and a release date remain unannounced. [link]


Tropico 6 has been delayed to January 2019. It will be the first in the series to run on Unreal Engine with a closed beta at some point this autumn. [link]

Evolution: The Video Game will now launch in “early 2019”. Developer North Star Games said that though they were quite happy with the game’s features, unexpected complications with the multiplayer caused some “major hurdles” in development. [link]

The Spyro Reignited Trilogy, which was scheduled to hit Xbox One and PS4 in September, has now been delayed until the 13th November. The co-studio head of Toys for Bob said “we’re deeply committed to getting these games right, so we’ve decided to move the release date”. [link]


The PC version of Burnout Paradise Remastered is being released tomorrow (21st August). You can play a 10-hour trial on Origin Access Basic and get full access to the game with Origin Access Premier. [link]

Gone Home is coming to Nintendo Switch on 23rd August, the fifth anniversary of the game’s original PC release date. [link]

Feral Interactive has announced that the iPhone port of ROME: Total War is now ready for battle and will launch on 23rd August. It is an update to the existing iPad port so if you own that already you’ll get to play on iPhone for free. I’m still intrigued as to how well this will actually work in practice; better hope those 6.5” iPhone rumours are true… [link]

Diablo III is making the jump (or should that be crawl?) to Switch this autumn complete with online multiplayer and the “Reaper of Souls” and “Rise of the Necromancer” expansions. There is also some exclusive Legend of Zelda content including Ganondorf’s armour, some Majora’s Mask wings, and a cucco. [link]

DLC and Updates

Darkest Dungeon has received an update that is mainly concerned with its most recently released DLC, “The Color of Madness”. Endgame conditions have been added in order to make things harder if you reach more than 200 kills in the Endless Harvest mode as well as some balancing tweaks to skill refreshments. I’m particularly glad to see that the infestations have been tweaked for the Crimson Court DLC. [link]

The first paid DLC for Warhammer: Vermintide 2 has been announced; “Shadows over Bogenhafen”. It will be released on 28th August and very little is known except it will (apparently) “test heroes like never before”. [link]

Far Cry 5’s third and final DLC, “Dead Living Zombies”, will be released on 28th August. There will also be a free update to the base game to add some improvements to the Arcade mode. [link]

Leaks & Rumours

Remember that blurred mode on the main menu of the recent Super Smash Bros Ultimate video? Twitter user @noctulescent has done some excellent work to unblur it and reveal the word “Spirits”. It likely ties in to all the deaths we’ve seen in the recent videos (*cough* Luigi *cough*). [link]

A teaser video from Nvidia strongly suggests the next graphics card is going to be a 2080 rather than an 1180. Tune in at 5pm BST / 6pm CEST to watch the big unveil and then get your credit card ready for a battering. [link]

The next Wii U game to make the jump to Switch could be New Super Mario Bros. U complete with the New Super Luigi U DLC. [link]

Bruce Campbell is reprising his role of Ash Williams in a new Evil Dead game that will be an “immersive kind of dealio”. [link]

It looks like Valve is working behind the scenes on enabling Linux game compatibility tools to work on Steam according to some strings of code found in the Steam database. The service is called Steam Play, with a description that reads, “Steam Play will automatically install compatibility tools that allow you to play games from your library that were built for other operating systems”. [link]


There are some hotfix drivers from Nvidia (398.98) to address some stability issues with LA Noire VR and the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 beta. It is also supposed to fix some G-Sync issues that have been around since the Windows 10 April 2018 update although many report these are still present. [link]


Epic have released the Unreal Engine Online Learning Platform, a website that aggregates various tutorials on everything from writing code to industrial design. All of the classes are free and broken up into small chunks to make learning easier. [link]


EA has announced its Chief Design Officer, Patrick Söderlund, will move on from the company later this year. Formerly CEO of DICE, Söderlund joined EA’s executive board after it acquisitioned the Swedish studio in 2006. It is not yet know where he is headed. [link]

Arkane lead designer Ricardo Bare has said “I can’t say definitively what might happen down the road, anything could happen, but [Dishonored] is resting for now”. [link]

THQ Nordic has acquired the Timesplitters IP from Crytek which means new games, or at least HD remasters, seem likely. They also acquired the rights to Second Sight. [link]

HTC have announced that their Viveport subscription service is coming to Oculus Rift on 4th September so users can experience the “best in both worlds”. Odd. [link]

Valve prematurely launched, a new broadcasting service which will be used for The International (Dota 2’s annual tournament). It has built in voice chat on Chrome and is all very Twitch-like. [link]

Cool Shit

Hackers have uncovered and tested a screen-splitting “VR Mode” that has been buried in the Switch’s system-level firmware for over a year. [link]

Hardcore, a 24-year-old Mega Drive game by DICE that was canceled close to launch, is finally being finished off using an original SDK. [link]

What You Missed On Shy Guys


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  • Final act of Cuphead, here I come! [link]

Into The Breach

  • A flawless(?) runthrough to celebrate the macOS release [link]

Resident Evil Zero HD

  • Trying out the Resident Evil Prelude for the first time [link]

Rocket League

  • Blasting back into Platinum (or not) [link]
  • Rounding out the evening with some Rocket League [link]

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

  • Chilling out while getting my teeth into this classic [link]

And Finally…

“Not only is the new name 100 times cooler, more distinct, more ‘Hollow Knight’, it also doesn’t conflict with the title of a certain mobile game, made by a very large, very powerful video game company! It’s a win win all-round!” [link]

Vampyr is getting a TV spinoff. [link]

A UK mortgage broker took some time to work out the real world house prices of homes in games such as Skyrim, Fallout, Zelda, and The Witcher 3. Clearly busy then… [link]

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