Game Releases

Notable game releases this week include:

4th September

  • Destiny 2: Forsaken (PC, Xbox One, PS4)
  • Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Exclusive Age (PC, PS4)
  • Moonfall Ultimate (PC)

7th September

  • Immortal Unchained (PC, Xbox One, PS4)
  • NASCAR Heat 3 (PC, Xbox One, PS4)
  • NBA 2K19 (PC, Switch, Xbox One, PS4)
  • Spider-Man (PS4)

First-person “psychological survival simulator” Green Hell entered Early Access last week and is expected to be there for just 3 short months. It seems to be doing well so far with a “very positive” rating from nearly 500 reviews. [link]

Release Date Announcements


  • Dragalia Lost (27th Sep: iOS, Android) [link]
  • Parkasaurus (25th Sep: PC [Early Access]) [link]


  • Shovel Knight Showdown (9th Apr: PC, Switch, Xbox One, PS4) [link]

Upcoming Games

DotEmu has joined forces with Sega to create Streets of Rage 4. Whilst platforms and a release date are yet unknown, a trailer has been released and the press have had some significant hands-on time to generally glowing reviews. The 16-bit aesthetic has been replaced with a more cartoon-like style but aside from that it looks like it’ll fit right into the series. I’m very excited! [link]

Cyberpunk 2077 has been shown off in a nearly hour-long gameplay video containing vast crowd scenes, destructible scenery, and a number of interesting visual effects that look almost too good to be feasibly done this generation. As always, Digital Foundry has the best take with a commentary on top of the full video. [link]

No More Robots has announced Family Man, an RPG being developed by new studio Broken Bear Games. You play as a husband and father that owes money to the mob and must either make an honest living to pay them back or take some morally dubious actions. It’ll launch at some point next year but a closed beta will be available in the next few months. Looks like one to watch! [link]

EA has delayed Battlefield 5 by one month to 20th November. This is allegedly due to tweaking issues raised from closed betas but the cynic in me thinks they may not have wanted their player base switching to Red Dead Redemption 2 a couple days after the launch… [link]

Vlambeer, the developer of Nuclear Throne and Luftrausers, celebrated its eighth birthday by announcing an untitled bullet hell game. There is no planned release date or platforms yet and the choice to show it at PAX was a spur of the moment thing to celebrate the studio’s birthday. [link]

Bioware has announced that VIP access to the Anthem demo will go live on 1st February for those with EA Access and pre-orders. Those same VIPs will be able to unlock the full game early on 15th February whilst everyone else can play a week later on the 22nd. [link]


Towerfall is releasing on Switch and it’s coming with new and old content. The game releases on 27th September and will include the Dark world and Ascension expansions and a six-player mode. Madeline and her alter-ego Badeline from Celeste will be available as playable characters. [link]

La-Mulana 2 will be coming to Switch, Xbox One, and PS4 in spring 2019. [link]

Pandemic, one of the world’s most popular cooperative board games, has launched on Steam with what looks to be a port of the mobile version. Unfortunately there is no online multiplayer so you are probably better just playing the board game as you’ll need your friends in the same room anyway! [link]

Valkyria Chronicles is coming to Switch on 27th September in Japan and 16th October for the rest of the world. It will only be available from the Switch eShop but if you pick up Valkyria Chronicles 4 (available 25th September) then you’ll get 25% off the new port. [link]

Early Access Graduations

How does a “mix of Darkest Dungeon and XCOM with a pinch of Hearthstone and FTL” sound to you? Keen? Then you should probably keep an eye on Deep Sky Derelicts, a turn-based roguelike with card-based combat that’s leaving Early Access on 26th September. [link]

DLC and Updates

Spider-Man is launching later this week (hopefully freeing up Insomniac for a Sunset Overdrive PC release… please!) and now Sony have unveiled the roadmap for the inevitable DLC and season pass. ‘The City That Never Sleeps’ is a series of chapters about different events with various Spider-Man characters that continues through the end of the year. They’ll come out one chapter per month for a price of $10 per chapter or $25 for the season pass. Each new DLC will bring new enemies, new missions, and new suits along with them. [link]

Jurassic World Evolution is getting a substantial update on 13th September that adds a new challenge mode and more sandbox options to Isla Nublar, new contracts and viewing cameras (including the ability to ride the monorail), size changes for various dinosaurs, and some UI fixes including my long-standing issue regarding viewing dinosaur information from the incubation chamber. [link]

Yet Another Nintendo Direct About Indie Games

Firmly entrenching itself as the platform for games to be re-released on, Nintendo held a direct video to showcase some of the indie games that are coming to Switch with the big news being the immediate availability of Into The Breach. A full roundup of release dates is as follows:

  • Into The Breach (Available Now)
  • The Messenger (Available Now)
  • Hyperlight Drifter (6th September)
  • Bastion (13th September)
  • Wasteland 2 (13th September)
  • Undertale (18th September)
  • Light Fingers (20th September)
  • Towerfall (27th September)
  • Jackbox Party Pack 5 (October)
  • Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP (October)
  • Zarvot (October)
  • Bullet Age (November)
  • Levelhead (November)
  • Transistor (November)
  • Dragon: Marked For Death (13th December)
  • Desert Child (December)
  • Treasure Stack (Winter)
  • King Of The Hat (Early 2019)
  • Samurai Gunn 2 (Early 2019)
  • Untitled Goose Game (Early 2019)
  • The World Next Door (Early 2019)
  • Mineko’s Night Market (2019)

Leaks & Rumours

The latest release of Unreal Engine 4 may have given away the existence of a next-gen console codenamed “Erebus”. It is highly likely this is a Sony platform given the greek mythological codename. [link]


Logitech have announced the first new “Blue” microphone since acquiring the company. The Yeti Nano is designed for podcasters and streamers and is basically a smaller version of the standard Yeti but with two condensers instead of three and two pickup patterns instead of four. [link]

A new Xbox One X 1TB bundle has been announced and, for the first time, the console will be offered in white. An Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller will also be offered separately in white as a Special Edition although it is just a new colour rather than the rumoured USB-C and Bluetooth redesign we’re waiting on. [link]

Acer has released another 144Hz G-Sync 4K HDR monitor with the Predator XB273K retailing at $1300 later this year. This is substantially cheaper than the Predator X27 and the ROG Swift PG27UQ which are in the $2000+ category and this is due to the brightness only being 400 nits rather than 1000. That’s a big deal breaker for me so I’ll just have to wait for the price to drop on those HDR10 monitors. [link]


UL Benchmarks is working on an update to its popular 3DMark benchmark that will evaluate ray tracing performance of graphics cards. It is aiming to be released alongside the next major Windows 10 update, “Redstone 5”. [link]

Nvidia has new drivers available (399.07) with specific optimisations for Battlefield V Open Beta, Strange Brigade, F1 2018, Immortal: Unchained, Pro Evolution Soccer 2019, and Switchblade. There is also a supposed fix for the long running stuttering G-Sync when running in windowed mode with the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update. For what it’s worth, I did notice an improvement when playing Titanfall 2 with this new driver. [link]

AMD has new drivers available (18.8.2) that adds mild boosts for Strange Brigade and F1 2018 as well as fixing some bugs in Far Cry 5. [link]


Microsoft has officially announced Xbox All Access, a new plan that includes subscriptions to Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass, as well as Xbox One hardware, for a discounted monthly fee. As expected, this is limited to the US for the time being. [link]

Nintendo has effectively shut down the Pokémon Essentials tool that allowed fans to create their own Pokémon games. Whilst it’s a shame to see these things crushed by corporate legal teams it also isn’t really a surprise. [link]

Valve has released a free version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive that allows users to play against bots and take part as spectators through GOTV. The latest update also makes the recently added Panorama user interface the game’s default view and overall UI has been tweaked to better support low-end machines. [link]

Sony has got back into cross-platform debate by saying that they don’t allow it on Fortnite as they believe “PlayStation 4 is the best experience for users”. [link]


Blizzard has announced that it is removing the option to purchase loot boxes and chests from Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm in Belgium following an earlier ruling from the country’s Gambling Commission. Whilst players won’t be able to buy the boxes, they can still earn them within the game. [link]

The Pan European Game Information, the European game rating commission commonly known as PEGI, has announced a new descriptor for labels to show when games include any digital goods purchasing. Whilst the intent is good, most parents don’t ready these labels and most games have DLC of one form or another so this isn’t going to do much to stop prolific in-game purchases. [link]

Cool Shit

The head of the UK’s Royal Philharmonic Orchestra has said that video game music is a great access point for children to discover classical music. [link]

Japanese Nintendo fans have built a Luigi’s Mansion AR game using Nintendo Labo. [link]

Dream Daddy: A Daddy Dating Simulator is getting a comic series and the first issue is available now. [link]

Acer has shown off the Predator Thronos, an “immersive cockpit” that weighs 485 pounds! [link]

According to John Romero, speedrunner Zero Master has finally uncovered Doom 2’s best-kept secret: a previously inaccessible sector found in the Industrial Zone map designed by Romero himself. [link]

What You Missed On Shy Guys


You can follow us on Twitch as Orendil and The_Plainswalker. We play various games on our individual streams but also do some Rocket League and co-op streaming together every week.


  • Gruelling battles with King Dice and The Devil [link]

Magic The Gathering Arena

  • A few games with my Gruul RIX Dinosaur deck [link]

Resident Evil HD

  • Slow and steady progress from The Mansion to The Residence [link]

Rocket League

  • Checking out the new Club features! [link]

Titanfall 2

  • Starting on PC after ~400hrs on Xbox [link]

Trespasser: Jurassic Park

  • The secret diary of John Hammond [link]

Two Point Hospital

  • Farmer A on reception, Farmer B as the GP, and for the Chemist… [link]

And Finally…

Swords & Sworcery won’t have Twitter integration on Switch because “now, in the year 2018, Twitter is a vat of toxic waste and we want nothing to do with it”. [link]

Rockstar has a lot of merch for Red Dead Redemption 2 including wool blankets, collapsible shot glasses, and a domino set… [link]

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