Game Releases

Notable game releases this week include:

27th November

  • Darksiders III (PC, Xbox One, PS4)

28th November

  • Artifact (PC)

30th November

  • Ride 3 (PC, Xbox One, PS4)

Upcoming Games

Oakwood looks like a survival game in a spooky Jurassic Park [link]


Shadow of the Tomb Raider coming to macOS in 2019 [link]

This is the Police mobile port is confirmed for release next month [link]

Chuchel from Amanita Design has a release date for iOS and Android [link] (Read Ben’s scathing review)

DLC and Updates

Black Mesa shows off Xen to celebrate Half-Life’s birthday [link]

Mini Metro releases “Creative Mode” [link]

Enter the Gungeon dev cancels expansion to work on new game [link]

Not Tonight adds a “Challenge Mode” [link]

Enhanced Xbox One X support for Rocket League arrives in December [link]

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI receives “Gathering Storm” DLC next Valentine’s Day [link]

Resident Evil costumes come to Street Fighter V [link]

Pathfinder: Kingmaker DLC and season pass announced [link]

Super Mario Odyssey adds retro 8-bit and Christmas costumes [link]

Bard’s Tale 4 update adds grid movement, save anywhere, and respeccing [link]

Splatoon 2’s last content update comes in December [link]

Leaks & Rumours

Voice actor claims Mortal Kombat 11 is on the way [link]

Leaked GeForce RTX 2060 benchmark suggests 30 percent improvement over GTX 1060 [link]

20th Century Fox files Alien: Blackout gaming trademark (possible announcement at Game Awards) [link]


AMD’s Radeon 18.11.2 GPU driver is optimised for Battlefield V [link]


Starbreeze stock in freefall since the release of Overkill’s The Walking Dead [link]

Sunset Overdrive director joining Microsoft’s internal studio “The Initiative” [link]

Valve discontinues Steam Link hardware [link]

Nvidia’s share price at 16-month low following cryptocurrency crash [link]


UK gambling commission looks at loot boxes and gambling [link]

Cool Shit

Half-Life is 20: why everything you liked about Valve’s classic was a secret train [link]

In Japan, Nintendo will sell 63 amiibo in one enormous box [link]

Someone mixed Super Mario Odyssey’s music with Red Dead Redemption 2 [link]

Play Half-Life 2’s spooky Ravenholm in Half-Life [link]

What You Missed On Shy Guys


You can follow us on Twitch as Orendil and The_Plainswalker. We play various games on our individual streams but also do some Rocket League and co-op streaming together every week.

Jurassic World Evolution

  • [ENG] The Secrets of Dr Wu DLC after 100% completion [link]

Magic: The Gathering

  • Playing MtG Arena vs The_Plainswalker [link]

Pathfinder: Kingmaker

  • Evil Campaign with WebCam Portait Mod [link]

And Finally…

Japan is getting an official Eevee Pokémon Tamagotchi [link]

Play ‘Sonic’ using an augmented reality tattoo [link]

Twitter bans user who tweeted about killing Sean Bean in Hitman 2 [link]

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